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Our Story

Piccolina is an Italian word that translates to little or small in English.

It is often used as an affectionate term, similar to calling someone little one or sweetheart.

Piccolina began with a simple yet whimsical idea ironically born in the drive-thru of a local Whataburger. While looking at an abandoned small building across the street, a dream was sparked of offering a frozen dessert haven free from artificial flavors and syrups – an elevated snow-cone stand that champions health-conscious choices and celebrates community spirit, all while showcasing the offerings of the Hill Country region.

Surrounded by local orchards, growers, and a buzzing wine industry, Christina Harman, founder, seized the opportunity to transform her vision into reality in 2021, by purchasing an obscure vehicle sight-unseen on Instagram. With sheer determination and an ethos of embracing opportunities first, she learned how to make Italian Ice, similar to granita served in Italy, and served all over the Hill Country for two years. In 2023, with the help of many, she opened the doors to Piccolina on one of the busiest corners of Main Street, housed in a retrofitted 1950’s gas station that perfectly complements the charm of the original truck.

Piccolina is more than a just business; it's a joyous space where Christina and her dedicated team get to serve up little scoops of happiness to everyone who walks through the door.

The Trucks

In 2021, Piccolina rolled onto the Hill Country scene, serving up scoops from a vintage European 1967 Citroën HY, dishing out thousands of scoops to folks of all ages. From local businesses to wineries, football games, weddings, private events, farmers markets, and beyond – we've brought our Italian Ice everywhere!

In 2022, we added another star into the mix – our mint 1959 Citroën HY. You can usually spot her parked right in front of the store, always up for a photoshoot.

Our ladies aren’t just antique vehicles; they are scoopin’ sensations, adding a splash of vintage charms to your frozen treat experience!

Meet Piccolina